Former UT quarterback places second in accuracy competition at all-star challenge

February 2, 2018 | Athletics, Events, News
By Paul Helgren

Former Rocket quarterback Logan Woodside took second place in the accuracy competition at the 2018 State Farm All-Star Football Challenge Jan. 31 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Woodside’s performance helped the Wildcard Team win the overall team competition against five squads made up of players from the Power Five. The 20th annual event will air Friday, Feb. 2, at 9 p.m. on ESPN2.

Logan Woodside competed in the 2018 State Farm All-Star Football Challenge.

Each team consisted of four players from the same conference that competed for conference supremacy in a series of skills competitions. The conferences represented were the ACC, the Big Ten, the Big 12, the Pac-12, the SEC, and four of the best players outside of the Power Five called the Wildcard Team.

Each player individually participated in a timed event, and then finished with a full team event. Events were all timed and had individual winners that compiled into a cumulative score to determine the winning team. For example, the quarterbacks from each team all competed against each other to win their competition. But ultimately, their time was added to the times of the other competitors on their conference-designated team to determine a final team score.

Woodside completed the accuracy competition in 24.53 seconds, second only to UCLA’s Josh Rosen (22.54 seconds). Woodside and Rosen were far ahead of the other four quarterbacks, who took between 43 and 50 seconds to complete the competition.

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