Toxicology report shows designer drug factor in Dec. 19 incident

March 22, 2013 | News, UToday
By Jon Strunk

University of Toledo Police said Thursday that the Lucas County Coroner’s Office has released a report indicating the designer, synthetic drug “25i” was found in the blood stream of Josiah Galat, a UT student fatally wounded during an incident at the International House Dec. 19, 2012.

“Given this new information about an all but unknown designer drug circulating in communities across the country, we felt it important to communicate this information to the UT community in the hopes of raising awareness about the dangers of 25i and all illicit drugs,” said Jeff Newton, UT director of public safety and chief of police.

“There are real and permanent outcomes that result from even a single use of designer drugs,” Newton said, adding that all illegal substances and some legal substances, when abused, can lead to tragic results.

Newton said the incident involving Galat and UT student Erik Littleton remains under investigation.

An unpredictable and dangerous hallucinogenic street drug, 25i can produce a range of dire physical and psychological effects, including organ failure; blurred vision; increased breathing rate; euphoria; hallucinations; violent outbursts; disorganized thoughts, confusion, anxiety, agitation, paranoia and feelings of panic; dizziness, impaired coordination; increased heart rate and blood pressure; increased body temperature and sweating, which may alternate with chills and shivering; and numbness.

According to information release by the UT Police Department, 25i is a hallucinogen and is reported by drug experts to be as powerful and dangerous as LSD. In its unaltered form, 25i is a white powder, but it can be manufactured in a variety of forms.

Those who suspect someone may be under the influence of 25i or another drug immediately should notify UT Police at 419.530.2600 or 911 or local law enforcement and retreat to a safe place until law enforcement arrives.

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