Outstanding staff members celebrated

May 1, 2014 | News, UToday, Business and Innovation, Law, Medicine and Life Sciences, UTMC
By Vicki L. Kroll

Four employees received the University’s 2014 Outstanding Staff Awards last week.

More than 30 nominees were honored at the UT Annual Awards Ceremony.

Taking home Outstanding Staff Awards were, from left, Paul Casmus, Deirdre Jones, Beverly Mayo and Ginny York.

Taking home Outstanding Staff Awards were, from left, Paul Casmus, Deirdre Jones, Beverly Mayo and Ginny York.

In a change of format, winners were not selected from each union and employee association at the University.

“We changed the format this year to recognize staff for career accomplishments, leadership and services to the University community, and for making a positive and professional impact with students or patients regardless of what employee group or union their position may belong,” Meghan Rayfield, consultant in Human Resources and Talent Development, said.

Winners this year were:

Paul Casmus, lead records technician II in the Radiology Department. He has worked at the University for 19 years. “Several staff members regularly seek his advice throughout the day. He always offers a willing and clear explanation for the questions he is asked and, if necessary, he knows how to use his many resources to find the right answer,” one nominator wrote. “Paul works under stressful conditions, scheduling complicated tests and procedures for all hospital departments. He continuously keeps his cool and accomplishes the tasks in a timely manner, also due to the fact that he is extremely organized.” Another wrote, “Paul is known for his quick wit and that is sometimes just what an apprehensive patient needs when he or she arrives for an appointment. He has an uncanny way of paving the way to make the patient’s visit more tolerable, even in serious and challenging situations. He is truly compassionate and empathetic.”

Deirdre Jones, associate director of the Edward H. Schmidt School of Professional Sales, and associate director of Innovative Outreach Technologies, both in the College of Business and Innovation. She has worked at UT since 2004. “She is incredibly student-centered and career-centered. She works closely with our students and prepares them using mock interviews and other methods so that they are ready for any question that comes up when they are interviewed for a permanent job or internship. As a result of her hard work and the faculty’s teaching, our placement rate for sales majors is 100 percent,” one nominator wrote. Another noted, “Her efforts have led to an increase in revenues through corporate partnerships, recruiting and network events, and outreach and engagement at business forums, job fairs, conferences, and student sales competitions. Deirdre is constantly selling UT, the College of Business and Innovation and the sales program. She is very detailed and polished in her oral and written presentation to stakeholders.”

Beverly Mayo, library associate, LaValley Law Library in the College of Law. She began her career at the University in 1982 in Carlson Library and moved to the LaValley Law Library in 2007. “As a leader, Ms. Mayo’s influence can’t be denied. She is the circulation supervisor and sets the tone for 10 to 15 student employees she works with. Additionally, she is a member of the Black Faculty and Staff Association,” one nominator wrote. “She preaches tolerances. Not through words does she preach, however, rather through action and redirection. She reminds us that we are all the same and all equal by her treatment toward and respect for each of us. To the extent anyone is frustrated or displeased with another, she will redirect our thoughts to ones of compassion and empathy.” Another wrote, “Ms. Mayo wouldn’t advertise great things she has done. She is the type of individual who does what is needed and asks for no recognition or credit.”

Ginny York, mental health administrator 2 in the Kobacker Center. She joined MCO in 1994. “Ginny exemplifies what we would like all of our staff members at UTMC to personify. She continually strives to do the right thing and will agonize over issues to make sure all parties get what is needed,” one nominator wrote. “Part of Ginny’s role is that of client rights officer for the Department of Psychiatry. She takes this job very seriously and acts as an advocate for the patients and their families, ensuring that patients and their families understand their rights and responsibilities and that they are always receiving the best possible care.” Another wrote, “Ginny returned to school to begin her master’s degree in counseling and will graduate in May from UT. This is a major accomplishment considering she worked full time, has a husband and three young boys, and completed her internship all while still providing the same high level of work we’ve come to expect from her.”

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