Window replacement project in University Hall to resume May 6

May 3, 2013 | UToday
By Casey Cheap

Classrooms, offices and conference space inside University Hall will keep temperatures under better control after phase two of a window replacement project that will take place during the summer.

Beginning Monday, May 6, all windows on the building’s south facade and facing the west courtyard will be replaced; that totals about 1,055 windows.

Work is expected to be completed by mid-August before students return for fall semester.

“The new windows are much more energy-efficient,” said Chris Levicki, manager for structural maintenance. “There is definitely a long-term cost savings on utilities. I have talked to occupants who say they are much more comfortable after the new windows were installed in phase one last summer.”

The effort will be similar to the first phase of the project that took place last year when more than 900 windows were replaced on the north, east and west sides of the building.

Anyone who will be affected by the window replacements will be notified by the work schedule, which is sent out weekly, Levicki said. Most occupants are displaced for just one day.

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