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UT to upgrade to license plate recognition parking technology

The University of Toledo is implementing a new license plate recognition parking system that will identify vehicles by their plates, eliminating the need for permits on the rearview mirrors.

The new system, which will be implemented over the summer and ready for the 2011-12 academic year, will scan each vehicle’s license plate to check for registration and authorization to be parked in that lot or garage.

The simple, online program will have faculty, staff and students register vehicles online through the myUT portal.

“This new technology will simplify the parking permit system for everyone on campus. Those who park on campus can simply register their car online, and the technology, which can read more than 90 license plates per minute and validate parking compliance, makes the parking enforcement system much more efficient,” said Joy Gramling, director of auxiliary services.

The University will work throughout the summer to get the new system up and running smoothly before the beginning of the academic year. While there are often challenges adopting a new technology, UT will work with the campus community in the transition, Gramling said.

The parking permit cost remains $125 per semester, and there will be no changes to the types of permits issued. The parking permit option through the myUT portal will allow people to pay via a credit card or have the fee applied to their student accounts.

Everyone will be asked to pull into parking spaces so their rear license plate faces out and can be scanned.

While the new program will be implemented in July, students on campus this summer will need to request the traditional summer parking permit online at www.utoledo.edu/parkingservices. The fee will be applied to their student accounts, and the permits can be picked up in Rocket Hall Room 1917 starting Monday, May 9. The office will be open the weekend hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15, for convenience.

All students and employees can have one registered vehicle on campus at any time. There will be a system for guests and visitors to park on campus.

More communications will follow throughout the summer as the University implements the new system.

Visit www.utoledo.edu/parkingservices or e-mail parkingquestions@utoledo.edu for more information.

One response to “UT to upgrade to license plate recognition parking technology”

  1. Andrew Gates says:

    If by ‘makes the parking enforcement system much more efficient’, you mean – it’s a computer that has the capacity to generate about ~$3250 per minute off poor college students searching endlessly for a parking space to get to class, then yes… I’d say that’s pretty efficient. Why not make the parking lots more efficient and eliminate the problem all together? Right… because that would eliminate all that great revenue! No thank you. I will be walking to school from now on. $125 to park in a “big brother is watching” lot? Sorry. UT pays me not nearly enough to live, let alone get sucked dry by ticketing cameras on sterroids. Wonder what they’ll tell the prospective new students… “See that kids! That thing can ticket 90 CARS IN A MINUTE!” I’m sure they’ll get a healthy dose of UT marketing with it.

    I think it’s time we students finally did something about this. OMG Someone please organize a parking permit boycott or something.

    We get it. UT is broke. So are we. So you have to put ticket machine guns all over campus… Have the nerve to say what it’s really about and maybe next time I’ll show some respect. I thought that was one of the values I came here to learn. Disappointing.