UT logo merchandise moving from Rocky’s Locker in mall to Dillard’s

June 2, 2017 | UToday
By Christine Wasserman

On Friday, June 2, Rocky’s Locker at Franklin Park Mall will close. The store, which opened in November 2015 to take advantage of holiday sales, sold a variety of UT logo merchandise.

To continue providing convenience to consumers seeking this merchandise, Dillard’s will begin carrying UT logo merchandise this fall in its men’s department at both of its local store locations — in Franklin Park Mall and at Fallen Timbers.

“Partnering with Dillard’s is a great opportunity because the University can still have a UT presence in our community, plus reach a large number of customers,” Bonnie Murphy, associate vice president for auxiliaries, said. “Additionally, having UT logo merchandise in an established retailer should help us to increase sales.

“Although sales were good at Rocky’s Locker in Franklin Park Mall, the store did not have a permanent lease because that’s extremely expensive,” Murphy explained. “That means that the mall had the ability to move us whenever another store with a permanent lease wanted our space, which has already happened twice since we opened.

“When you’re trying to establish a solid customer base, that’s not a great business model because repeat shoppers have a hard time finding you,” Murphy said.

AT&T soon will be moving into the Rocky’s Locker space at the mall.

If sales do well in its men’s department, Dillard’s will discuss carrying UT logo merchandise in its other departments throughout its two local stores.

“Dillard’s already hires many UT students, and also now wants to be part of our campus Career Fair to vet more students for employment,” Murphy said. “So, this is a great opportunity for the University to expand our partnership with this major retailer. It’s a win-win for UT fans, our students and the University.”

Faculty, staff and students are reminded they also may continue to purchase UT logo merchandise at the University’s bookstore, Barnes & Noble at Gateway; at Rocky’s Locker in Savage Arena; and online at rockyslocker.com.

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