Turf replaced on Centennial Mall

June 3, 2014 | UToday
By Lindsay Mahaney

Recently the turf on Centennial Mall browned, but UT Director of Grounds and Off-Site Facilities Doug Collins explained that it’s part of a planned project.

After commencement, the grounds staff sprayed the area with weed and grass killer as part of a turf renovation project, according to Collins.

The turf in the mall was a combination of five types of grasses: annual bluegrass, bluegrass, bent grass, annual rye and rough bluegrass.

Each type had different tolerances for temperature, moisture and cutting height, which led to a mottled appearance of the turf, especially in the summer months, Collins said. The section of the mall had to be overwatered to keep the more susceptible types from dying.

According to Collins, the area has been reseeded with a regenerating perennial rye grass, which should be grown in by the beginning of fall semester. The appearance will be a more uniform stand of turf that will be easier to maintain and require less water, he said.

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