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UT awards beverage contract to Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola will become the exclusive beverage provider for The University of Toledo beginning Aug. 1.

coke canThe switch from Pepsi to Coke is a move that will generate more revenue for the University as well as opportunities for promotional giveaways associated with sporting events in the Glass Bowl and Savage Arena. Coke also has agreed to set up its vending machines and coolers to accept debit cards, in addition to the Rocket Card, as an added convenience for UT students and employees.

“Coke offered a competitive package that will benefit all of the campuses, including The University of Toledo Medical Center on Health Science Campus,” said Phil Worley, UT contract manager. “This is the first time since the merger in 2006 that a beverage deal includes both Main Campus and Health Science Campus. We are excited that everyone will benefit from this 10-year contract.”

Worley said the process of transitioning from Pepsi to Coke is already underway with no expected interruptions in beverage services. The vending machines and coolers are being swapped out, and the tubing for all the fountain stations will be changed in the next few weeks. UTMC and Health Science Campus will continue to only serve sugar-free drinks.

“Pepsi has already started to come in and remove some of its equipment,” Worley said. “We have valued our partnership with Pepsi for the past 10 years and appreciate its help in this transition.”

In early 2015, UT began accepting requests for proposals as Pepsi’s 10-year contract was expiring. A committee made up of employees from UT athletics, food services, marketing and student affairs reviewed the information and made the final decision between Pepsi and Coke, the only two beverage companies to submit proposals.

“The opportunities for sales and promotions with Coca-Cola exceeded our expectations and made the decision an easy one,” said Mario Toussaint, UT senior director of operations, dining and clinical nutrition. “We think the faculty, students and staff are going to like being able to pay with a debit card and will enjoy all of the promotional giveaways that Coke has in the works.”

One of the plans is to bring the “Share a Coke” program to UT. This has proven popular at other campuses as students line up to get a free can of soda with their names on it, Worley said. Other promotions will revolve around purchasing Coke products and being entered to win tickets to sporting events and Cedar Point.

“Coca-Cola believes we have a unique opportunity to form an exclusive campus-wide partnership that benefits The University of Toledo students, faculty and staff by enhancing satisfaction, creating excitement on campus, and participating in the future growth of The University of Toledo,” the company wrote in its proposal.

5 responses to “UT awards beverage contract to Coca-Cola”

  1. Taneeka Paris says:

    As a Pepsi drinker, having the choice taken away as to whether or not I want a diet or regular pop has been the biggest issue for the decline in sales. Since the decision was made for me, I simply bring my own pop as opposed to being forced to drink aspartame. Having my name on a can of pop is not as important to me as being able to choose what type I’d like to drink. Things are going from bad to worse at this point for the cafeteria at HSC. Main campus has several options to choose from, we have one and that one option is limited and expensive.

  2. Quinton Babcock says:

    Pepsi has frequently made me question their core values. Very happy about the switch to Coke.

  3. Matthew Perry says:

    This is an exciting step for UT! It sounds like Coke will be able to provide several great options for the UT community, including diet drinks, giveaways, and a larger presence across campuses. Go Rockets!

  4. Stephen Anderson says:

    As an engineering student I have sometimes lived for days off of pop. I know its not healthy but it gets the job done. PLEASE DONT TAKE AWAY MY MOUNTAIN DEW! I don’t care about the rest of them, but don’t take away my dew 🙁

  5. Hashem Barudi says:

    I don’t accept this as now Coca Cola has conquered the whole area with only Arby’s as the pepsi provider remaining?
    If that is the case, time to stop drinking these caffeine drinks altogether. Why UT campus and almost all nearby restaurants Coca Cola and no Pepsi?