Launch Into Law Program Addresses Education Opportunity Gaps

June 30, 2022 | News, UToday, Law
By Staff

The University of Toledo College of Law hosted its fourth cohort of participants in Launch Into Law, a pipeline program that helps historically underrepresented and minority students prepare for law school.

The weeklong immersive program consists of four major components: test-taking strategies for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), enhancing legal writing skills, enhancing legal analysis skills and connecting directly with student and professional mentors to explore legal career paths.

Top row, from left to right: Monica Hunt, Fatou Bizenga Miyouna, Haneen Alo, Daniel Gustin, Teresa De La Fuente. Bottom row, from left to right: Kiara Marks, Sarah Sahmarani, Julie Perez, Eleah McDonald, Erica Sacoto, Kathy Perry, Aliyah Kayed.

“Programs providing a pipeline to law school are critically important in addressing educational opportunity gaps and increasing the diversity of the legal profession to better reflect our multifaceted communities,” said Amber Chuhy, assistant dean for admissions.

“They provide individuals from a variety of backgrounds with access to a legal career. I was so impressed by the students that participated in this year’s program. They are bright, creative, and passionate individuals whom I have no doubt will excel in both their academic and professional careers.”

The 2022 cohort represented a diverse group of students. There were 12 participants last month from Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, as well as one from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some were first-generation college students, children of immigrants, African American, Hispanic and Arab-American.

There also was a wide range of ages of the participants, some working in careers and considering a new path and others taking a more traditional route and looking to attend law school following their undergraduate studies.

While there are several benefits to participating in Launch Into Law, one of the easiest to measure is the students’ LSAT scores. This year, students’ scores increased by an average of six points, with some achieving as much as a nine-point increase.

Students who complete Launch Into Law also are granted a one-time $1,000 scholarship to the College of Law.

“Launch Into Law is such a special week where we get to help connect students to the law and open the door to law school for them,” said Brandy Brown, assistant director of law admissions. “One student told me that he never thought law school was a place he could belong, but by the end of the week, he felt completely empowered that there was a place for him in law school and that this was a journey he should complete. That is what this is all about: breaking down barriers and empowering students to understand that they are capable and to provide them with some tools to start or continue their journey to law school and the legal profession.”

Go to the Launch Into Law website for more information about the program and updates on participating in future sessions.

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