Changes to Rocket Wireless system put customer in charge

July 9, 2013 | UToday
By Samantha Watson

Rocket Wireless customers at The University of Toledo now have more control over when and where they make their monthly payments and equipment orders.

Starting July 1, Rocket Wireless switched from automatic credit card and payroll deduction for monthly payments to a system that allows customers to make payments when most convenient to them. This new system allows customers to choose when they pay their bills easily and quickly online.

“As a Rocket Wireless customer myself, knowing that I have the security of picking the date on which I wish to pay my bill puts the power back in my pocket,” said Joy Seifert, director of auxiliary services.

The efficiency of the new system also allows customers to order their equipment without coming into the store. By ordering and paying online, the orders are placed immediately rather than being processed the following day.

Because some customers prefer automatic payments, Rocket Wireless is working to add that feature in the fall with the use of a third-party payment process company. Making payments through this system rather than payroll deduction not only will reduce error, but will be more efficient for the University as the process previously had been done manually.

The use of the third-party company also allows American Express users the opportunity to make payments, in addition to the already accepted Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Customers also have the option to make a payment with e-checks.

In the first few weeks, there were more than $9,000 in equipment orders and $16,000 in monthly payments with Rocket Wireless customers using the service before it became required July 1.

“We have heard feedback from customers who have loved the change and others also have had some concerns on the system, but the positive feedback far outweighs the negative,” Seifert said. “We’re listening to our customers.”

Monthly payments are still due on or before the 21st of each month. To make payments or view your account, visit

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