Trees by Driscoll Alumni Center removed for safety

July 16, 2014 | UToday
By Samantha Watson

Over the weekend, many of the maple trees surrounding the Driscoll Alumni Center and Lot 17 were removed.

According to Doug Collins, director of grounds and off-site facilities at The University of Toledo, the trees were dead or dying and were becoming a hazard for parked cars and pedestrians due to potential falling branches.

“The trees had been declining in health, and the harsh winter we had probably added to the stress they already were facing,” Collins said.

Because the trees’ main leaders were dead, there was no chance for the trees to continue healthy growth. The leader is the main part of the plant and is invaluable, according to Collins. In trees, the leader is usually the extension of the trunk that will grow new branches.

Collins said native shade trees will be planted to replace the ones removed before fall.

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