Women & Philanthropy at UT announces 2015 grant award winners

July 21, 2015 | News, UToday, — Communication and the Arts, Advancement
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Women & Philanthropy, a volunteer organization that promotes The University of Toledo through grants to UT initiatives, has given 2015 grants totaling $49,216.

The first grant, in the amount of $21,146, has been awarded to the College of Communication and the Arts to create event signage for Main Campus.

The funding will be used to build a foundation with a core construction of concrete masonry units. The core will feature stone that matches the aesthetics of the University. The construction will house an 89-inch-by-97-inch full-color electronic material change digital display screen.

The proposed location of the electronic messaging system will be in a high-traffic area near the Driscoll Alumni Center on Bancroft Street. The board will be used to promote public events such as art exhibitions, theatrical performances, workshops, musical performances, and lecture and colloquium series.

The objective of this project is to increase awareness and attendance at UT public events and to increase awareness of the exceptional offerings that the University brings to the community, according to Debra A. Davis, dean of the College of Communication and the Arts.

“The College of Communication and the Arts is extremely pleased to receive grant support from Women & Philanthropy for 2015,” Davis said. “The college is very excited to have this addition to our PR efforts. This will bring attention to our concerts, theatre performances, film screenings, and exhibitions and lectures, many of which are collaborations with community and business partners, and help spread the word that culture and the arts are alive and well in Toledo.”

She added that the signage also will benefit the University.

“Each year, UT invites the public to join us at the Jesup Scott Honors College Distinguished Lecture Series, the Geography and Planning Colloquium Series, and the Edward Shapiro Distinguished Lecture Series where renowned speakers examine the issues and topics affecting our contemporary lives,” Davis said. “We invite all Toledoans to attend our offerings and learn more about what the University has to offer.”

The second grant, in the amount of $28,070, has been awarded to the Kobacker Center on Health Science Campus for the Women & Philanthropy Playground.

The grant will be used to fund the construction of a new outdoor playground for children who receive services through UT Medical Center’s Kobacker Center, which has been a leader in northwest Ohio for treating the emotional and behavioral needs of children younger than 18.

The funds will cover the expenses for a fence and new play equipment to update the physical environment. Women & Philanthropy was able to leverage its grant with a match from UTMC to cover the entire cost of the project ($56,140).

“This generous grant from Women & Philanthropy will cultivate an enjoyable, safe, child-friendly environment for our patients,” said Dr. Michele Know, professor in the Department of Psychiatry. “It creates the ideal environment to enable our treatment teams to help children and families recover, thrive, even prosper in response to these services.”

“Positive peer interaction, problem solving and emotion management skills are key components to the treatment we provide through our program,” said Katie Cotton, a social worker at the center. “Having a new playground will provide our patients with a safe place to play and practice these skills.”

Women & Philanthropy at The University of Toledo was chartered in 2006 and made its first award to UT in 2008. Through this giving circle, members of diverse backgrounds and interests work collaboratively to make positive, meaningful and immediate impacts at the University.

In just eight years, the group has gifted $298,047 in 14 grants to the University, according to Chris Spengler, director of advancement relations in Institutional Advancement, member and administrative contact for Women & Philanthropy.

Through their generous support, members of Women & Philanthropy have created a permanent legacy at The University of Toledo.

“Our goal is to unify and collaborate with many women to make a difference at The University of Toledo. These gifts are examples of what we can do with a membership of only 70 women. We invite all women to research our group and consider a membership. Collective and collaborative giving is powerful, and that’s what Women & Philanthropy is all about,” said Marianne Ballas, chair of Women & Philanthropy at The University of Toledo.

Applications for 2016 grants will be available in late fall.

Additional information about Women & Philanthropy is available here.

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