UT updates parking technology: New system scans license plates

August 22, 2011 | UToday
By Meghan Cunningham

The University of Toledo’s new parking technology uses a license plate recognition system to simplify on-campus parking.

Faculty, staff and students no longer will need to obtain physical permit hang tags for their vehicles; instead, they simply will register their license plates through the myUT portal. The appropriate parking permit based on their earned credit hours, housing and employment classifications instantly will be applied to the individual’s parking account.

The new system equips parking garages and parking enforcement vehicles with the technology to scan each vehicle’s license plate to check for registration and authorization for a specific lot or garage. It can read more than 90 license plates per minute to confirm parking compliance.

While some organizations have a license plate registration system or a scanning system independent of each other, the University will be one of the first to combine both systems to work together for a campus as large as UT.

Parking Services answered some frequently asked questions:

What do I have to do to park on campus?

Go to the myUT portal and register your vehicle with your license plate, make and model of your vehicle. Based on earned credit hours, housing and employment classifications, you will be issued the appropriate permit and notified of where your permit is valid.

How does the new license plate recognition system work?

The parking garages and parking enforcement vehicles have equipment that scans license plates and works with a system to check for registration and authorization to park in that lot or garage.

Why did the University make this change?

The new system is more efficient with the ability to scan 90 license plates at a time to check for registration and authorization to park in a specific location. It also can enhance campus safety with the capability to alert law enforcement about crimes associated with a license plate, such as a stolen vehicle or missing child.

When does the new system go into effect?

The technology was installed during the summer with a pilot test of the system. The new parking enforcement system will begin with the 2011-12 academic year that starts Monday, Aug. 22.

How will I know where to park?

After you register your vehicle, you will be issued a permit type and notified where you can park. All parking lots are identified with the corresponding permit letters with signs on the light posts.

What types of permits are available? Have they changed?

The permit types available have not changed. They are:

C Upper-Class Commuter
D Upper-Class Residential
F Freshman Residential
K Freshman Commuter
A Graduate Assistant or Teaching Assistant
I Registered in the MPH Consortium Program
J Concurrent; registered at their home school with a class at UT
T Toledo Tech/Early Learning
MC Motorcycle Permit

A General
2A Second Shift Hospital
E Executive
G Medical Doctor Special
MC Motorcycle Permit

A General
B External Recreation Center Members
E Executive
H Volunteer
M Media
SD Special Donors
SV Service Vehicles
LD Loading Dock

How much will my permit cost?

The rates have not changed. The fees are based on criteria that can be found on your myParking Permit Agreement.

How do I pay for it?

The fees for parking permits are added to student accounts. Faculty and staff have the option to pay with credit cards or through payroll deduction.

How far in advance do I need to register my car?

The system immediately will update the registration to your vehicle.

Is this only for Main Campus?

The new license plate recognition system will be used for parking enforcement on all UT campuses.

I only have classes on UT’s Toledo Museum of Art Campus. What do I do?

Every UT student and employee wishing to park on any campus needs to register his or her vehicle for a parking permit.

What if I drive a different car to campus one day, maybe a rental car or my spouse’s vehicle?

Update the parking system before coming to campus with the new license plate, make and model to park that vehicle at UT. It will update immediately in the system. When you begin driving your vehicle again to campus, update the registration in the system.

Both my husband and I work at UT. Do we both have to register both vehicles?

Each person is permitted to park only one vehicle at a time on campus. Each person should register his or her primary vehicle.

I have two vehicles; should I register both?

Only one vehicle is permitted to be parked on campus per person. You will be required to update the vehicle registered each time you change your method of transportation.

Do I need to keep my current hang tag?

No. The new system will not use hang tags for faculty, staff and students. Special donors to the University will keep their hang tags along with a window-cling sticker for their rear driver’s side door that will alert parking enforcement to their status.

Do I have to park with the back of my vehicle facing the aisle?

You are required to park so that a license plate faces out. If you have only a rear license plate, you will need to pull into the parking spot. If your vehicle has both a front and rear license plate, you can park whatever way you prefer.

What is the deadline to register my car?

Students have been able to reserve their parking permits since July 1 and are encouraged to so by the first day of classes Monday, Aug. 22. Employees also are encouraged to register by Monday, Aug. 22.

Will guest passes be available?

Yes. Guest passes will be available and the fee will remain $3 per day through Parking Services, located in Rocket Hall. An online component will be added that will allow staff and students to register for guest passes in advance.

Can a guest park on campus during the weekend?

There is no enforcement for parking permit violations on the weekend with exceptions for University and special events. A visitor during the week will require a guest pass.

Will I get a ticket if I go into a parking garage and come back out?

No, there will be a 15- to 20-minute window in which you can come out of the garage and the violation automatically will be nulled.

Will people continue to get printed parking tickets or is that system also electronic?

Tickets for registration violations, such as failing to register for a parking permit or parking in an incorrect spot, will be sent electronically to UT email accounts. Other violations, such as meter violations, can be sent to a University account or placed on the vehicle.

How do I pay a parking ticket?

Parking tickets can be paid at Campus Police in the Transportation Center with cash or money orders. An online payment system will be added.

Will game-day parking change?

On-campus parking for sport events will not change. Visitors to campus will continue to be charged $5 to park.

I also take classes at BGSU. How do I park there?

You will need to take your current class schedule showing your course registration to the BGSU parking office to pick up your BGSU parking permit.

Have a different question? Visit www.utoledo.edu/parkingservices or email parkingquestions@utoledo.edu.

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