Extra online security designed to protect personal financial info

September 3, 2014 | UToday
By Staff

As global digital scammers continue to up the ante, the University’s Information Technology Department works to increase the sophistication of online protection for its students, staff and faculty. Its latest implementation of two-factor authentication is designed for the self-service process by which direct deposit banking information is viewed and updated.

onlineSecurityTwo-factor authentication adds a second level of security to the account login process for direct deposit. The first level is your account ID and password (UTAD credentials). The second level is a six-digit PIN sent to your phone or given to you through voice mail for those who do not have a phone capable of receiving text messages, after you have registered your phone number. Your registered phone number will not be shared with any entity and will be securely encrypted.

“This added level of security is necessary given the increased threats to private information held by university systems nationwide,” said Dr. Godfrey Ovwigho, vice president for information technology. “Private banking information is especially valued by these criminal hackers, so adding another lock on this particular digital door will create a more secure system for our faculty, students and staff.”

The two-factor security system will be required on all direct deposit changes through myUT portal self-service and on viewing phone numbers or making changes to myUT portal self-service pages, he added.

The current process of logging into the myUT portal with UTAD credentials remains the same. When faculty, staff or students click on one of the links to view or update direct deposit bank information, they now will need to go through the two-factor authentication process by following the link on the direct deposit self-service page.

Details for the initial setup and subsequent two-factor access can be found online at myUT.utoledo.edu; click on direct deposit information or update addresses and phones.

“It’s a slight effort up front for all of us, but a higher level of security at the end,” Ovwigho said.

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