Results from 2017 Diversity Climate Survey released

September 18, 2017 | UToday
By Anna Brogan-Knight

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s report of the spring 2017 Diversity Climate Survey is complete and available online at for review. To see the report, click here.

This document summarizes the results of the survey, recounts diversity and inclusion efforts throughout the last academic year, and demonstrates movement in attitudes and diversity climate on campus.

All students, faculty and staff received a link to the online survey in their University email boxes in April.

The 40-question survey was designed to anonymously collect honest feelings about the campus climate related to diversity, classroom climate and inclusion.

The University initiated the first diversity survey in 2016 as part of development of the diversity and inclusion plan. The survey will be offered biannually to measure the changing campus perceptions about inclusion issues and the effectiveness of ongoing programs that contribute to furthering the dialogue on the topic.

“The data reflects that each group surveyed — faculty, staff and students — is thinking more about issues of diversity and inclusion on campus,” said Dr. Willie McKether, vice president for diversity and inclusion. “This suggests that people are paying more attention and that this issue is receiving more attention in a way that improves the climate of the University.”

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