UT will offer degrees at Schoolcraft College through new partnership

November 13, 2013 | News, UToday
By Meghan Cunningham

The University of Toledo is extending its reach into Michigan through a unique partnership that will help students in the Detroit area obtain a four-year degree from UT in their neighborhood.

UT President Lloyd Jacobs talked about how the new Schoolcraft to U partnership between the University and Schoolcraft College will benefit students in southeast Michigan.

UT President Lloyd Jacobs talked about how the new Schoolcraft to U partnership between the University and Schoolcraft College will benefit students in southeast Michigan.

The new Schoolcraft to U partnership between UT and Schoolcraft College was announced Thursday at the college’s main campus in Livonia, Mich., where beginning in fall 2014, students will be able to obtain UT degrees in nursing, criminal justice and health information management.

“For several years, The University of Toledo has been committed to blurring the line between Michigan and Ohio to provide access to high-quality UT degree programs to Michigan students,” UT President Lloyd Jacob said. “Coupled with our marketing efforts and creative scholarship models, this partnership with Schoolcraft College is symbolic of that commitment by seamlessly allowing Schoolcraft students to continue their academic careers and achieve the dream of a four-year degree.”

The Schoolcraft to U programs will be housed in a 110,000-square-foot building on the Livonia campus, located on Haggerty Road between Six and Seven Mile roads, that will be designed to look and feel like UT’s campus classrooms. Students will be able to take UT programs in that building or online to complete their degree without leaving Livonia.

The University will provide scholarships to cover the out-of-state surcharge for Schoolcraft to U participants who, as UT students, can enjoy all of the student life opportunities such as attending Rocket athletic games for free. The program will coordinate student courses at Schoolcraft and on to UT to ensure a seamless transfer.

The Schoolcraft to U program also includes Wayne State University in midtown Detroit, which will offer engineering and business courses.

“Schoolcraft College is much more focused on helping its students earn a bachelor’s degree and beyond,” Schoolcraft College President Conway A. Jeffress said. “We selected Wayne State and The University of Toledo because we believe they have the programs that give our students their best chance of earning a degree and bettering their lives. We wanted to offer our students these highly employable degree programs without having to leave Livonia.”

The Schoolcraft to U partnership is part of UT’s efforts to attract students in southeast Michigan. The University has put its name out in the region through partnerships with the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, WJR AM 760 and more. Those efforts have increased enrollment from students in the region by about 70 percent in the past six years.

“Toledo is only an hour away, but the perception is that it is much farther because we are in Ohio. Our marketing partnerships and this innovative Schoolcraft to U partnership are erasing that state-line barrier,” said Lawrence J. Burns, UT vice president for external affairs. “UT is committed to becoming a regional and global university to increase access to high-quality higher education, and this partnership with Schoolcraft will help do that.”

For additional information about the Schoolcraft to U partnership, visit schoolcraft.edu/sctou.

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