UT adopts Toledo Tuition Guarantee

December 18, 2017 | News, UToday
By Meghan Cunningham

New students to The University of Toledo will be able to pay the same undergraduate tuition from their first day of college through graduation under the new Toledo Tuition Guarantee plan.

The Toledo Tuition Guarantee, approved Monday by the UT Board of Trustees, establishes a fixed tuition rate for four years to provide price transparency and consistency for families, while also encouraging students to complete their bachelor’s degree in four years.

“I’m glad to be able to offer this price certainty to our students and their families as we continue to strengthen our efforts that encourage students to succeed in their studies, graduate and go on to pursue successful careers,” UT President Sharon L. Gaber said.

“UT for many years has provided an exceptional value to our students with one of the lowest tuition rates among public universities in Ohio. This tuition guarantee plan aligns our commitment to providing a high-quality education at an affordable price with efforts to support student success and raise retention and graduation rates,” said Larry Kelley, UT executive vice president for finance and administration, and chief financial officer.

UT’s tuition guarantee plan begins fall semester 2018 for new degree-seeking undergraduate students who enroll at the University for the first time as first-year students or transfer students. It establishes a fixed rate for tuition, the general fee and select miscellaneous fees, such as for library information and career services. On-campus housing and meal plan rates also are guaranteed for four years; however, residence hall space cannot be guaranteed beyond a student’s second year because of the University’s requirement that students live on campus for their first two years. The out-of-state surcharge is not included in the Toledo Tuition Guarantee. Graduate students also are not part of the guarantee program.

Undergraduate students are guaranteed the fixed rate for four academic years, which includes eight consecutive fall and spring semesters, four summer semesters and any intersessions within that period. Students who take classes beyond their four-year guarantee period will pay the tuition rate set for a subsequent cohort.

For students in programs that take longer than four years to complete because of required additional credit hours due to accreditation or licensing requirements or required internships or co-ops, they will be granted up to a one-year extension of their guaranteed cohort period. The list of applicable programs is being finalized.

Students who complete their undergraduate degree within the guarantee period are eligible for a new $500 scholarship toward continuing their education in a UT graduate program if they enroll within three semesters of graduating with their bachelor’s degree.

The Toledo Tuition Guarantee does not impact students already enrolled at UT who will continue under the traditional tuition model.

A collaborative team of administrators, faculty and staff from across the University have worked since April to put together the Toledo Tuition Guarantee plan. The plan has been submitted to the chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education, who approves requests to adopt guarantee programs.

For additional information on the Toledo Tuition Guarantee, visit utoledo.edu/admission/freshman/tuition/guarantee.

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