UT Matters shows off University’s academic, clinical roles

January 15, 2009 | Features
By Sara Fagerman

In 2005, the Medical College of Ohio, The Blade and Buckeye CableSystem started a multimedia educational program called University Health Matters to educate the community on how to improve overall health. As the institution grew to become a new entity within The University of Toledo, University Health Matters evolved. After three years the program has become UT Matters.

With UT Matters, The University of Toledo continues to bring the community health science education. But it also introduces the latest news about how UT faculty, staff and students are transforming Toledo and how the community can be a part of the process

“University Health Matters has been very successful in educating the public about timely health topics while introducing them to services or reinforcing their knowledge of our medical campus,” said Patrick Giammarco, UT health-care marketing manager.

Last summer, the program’s name was changed to UT Matters and expanded to include subject matter that would appeal to a larger audience, including potential patients and students, business leaders, current and prospective donors, and the UT community.

“The evolution of University Health Matters to UT Matters parallels the University’s own blending of campuses to create an institution dedicated to community health, education and improving the human condition,” Giammarco said.

At UTMatters.com, there is something for everyone, he added. Each month, topics range from life-saving research and programs to academic excellence, athletics, arts and more. It’s also a place to find the latest events and programs offered at UT.

This month’s topic is centered on diversity. Giammarco quoted from the ad: “Creating an environment that fosters diversity is a core value at The University of Toledo. Becoming culturally aware doesn’t mean a person needs to have extensive knowledge of every culture; rather, it means people learn how to think critically in order to effectively work through issues of difference.”

“Commercials run on Buckeye Cable channels and full-page ads appear in each Sunday edition of The Blade, but the most comprehensive information can be found at the Web site, UTMatters.com,” explained Angie Jones, senior marketing manager of client services, who coordinates the program with Giammarco.
To learn more and to sign up for an RSS feed for the program, visit UTMatters.com.

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