Patient-Centered Medical Home opens for faculty, staff in Main Campus Medical Center

January 26, 2012 | UToday
By Feliza Casano

Faculty and staff now have access to a new Patient-Centered Medical Home in the Main Campus Medical Center that allows for better coordination of their health care.

“The Patient-Centered Medical Home is a way for the patient to get better access and more coordinated care,” said Todd Clark, manager of the medical home.

“Patients often have to go to different providers, meaning their primary care provider won’t know everything about their medical history. In the Patient-Centered Medical Home model, the primary care provider knows everything about the patient’s care and receives the whole health picture. That allows the primary care provider to make better decisions for the patient’s health, which is particularly important for patients with chronic health conditions such as diabetes.”

The purpose of the new Patient-Centered Medical Home, which opened Jan. 3, is to bring those different providers together to form a coordinated medical home. The physician in the office works closely with specialists and other health-care providers to improve patient health.

The Patient-Centered Medical Home in the Main Campus Medical Center has three primary staff members to start with, but as the volume increases, more staff will be added, Clark said.

“It’s important because UT’s mission is to improve the human condition,” Clark said. “With better coordinated care, we can work better with patients. It’s an excellent benefit for all faculty and staff.”

The Patient-Centered Medical Home is located in the faculty/staff clinic in the Main Campus Medical Center.

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