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President names search advisory committee for provost position

UT President Lloyd Jacobs has announced the membership of a search advisory committee to provide advice on his recommendation to the Board of Trustees regarding the position of provost and executive vice president for academic affairs.

In a message to University trustees, senior leadership and faculty leaders, Jacobs said it is his goal to have a new provost in place by July 1, 2012.

In addition to the president, the committee will be comprised of:

• Susan Palmer, UT trustee and search advisory committee chair;

• Kevin West, senior human resources officer;

• Dr. Penny Poplin Gosetti, vice provost for assessment and strategic planning;

• Dr. Jeffrey P. Gold, chancellor, executive vice president for biosciences and health affairs, and dean of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences;

• Dr. Jamie Barlowe, interim dean of the College of Languages, Literature and Social Sciences;

• Dr. Lawrence Anderson-Huang, professor and chair of physics and astronomy, and president of the Faculty Senate;

• Matt Rubin, president of Student Government;

• David Dabney, chief financial officer and vice president for finance;

• Brenda Lee, president of The University of Toledo Foundation;

• Dr. Michelle Masterson, associate professor and chair of rehabilitation services; and

• Daniel Steinbock, dean of the College of Law.

One response to “President names search advisory committee for provost position”

  1. Dennis Morse says:

    If the president appoints a committee to ADVISE him on candidates for the position of Provost, why is the president on the advisory committee? To advise himself? This is not proper procedure.