Toledo Region launches next phase of branding initiative

April 18, 2014 | Features, UToday
By Staff

Toledo Region, the organization leading the brand and image campaign for northwest Ohio, recently unveiled a new brand identity, symbolized by the introduction of a new logo and campaign slogan that celebrates both the cultural and economic assets of the region.

Toledo Region logo“It Matters Where You Make It” captures the Toledo Region’s rich manufacturing history and a dynamic culture that has spawned a can-do attitude. The campaign is built upon the premise that making something means something again, and Toledo is a place where companies and individuals can come and “make it.”

The double meaning is intentional. You can physically make or assemble something in the Toledo Region because of the abundant economic assets, and you can make a life or accomplish goals here because of the inviting culture and lifestyle.

The new logo is a simple type-treatment built around the word, “Toledo” with a small arrow signifying progress. The green is energetic, fresh and youthful. The black is simple, powerful and strong. The identity is bold, efficient and unadorned, lending itself well to co-branding opportunities and community partnerships.

The new look and feel is the culmination of a six-month strategic process that will strengthen Toledo Region’s value proposition and drive growth for the brand.

“We originally did not want the initiative to have a slogan or tagline, but we’ve realized that we need something more than a name and logo for people to associate with and adopt,” said Jeff Schaaf, brand manager. “The new slogan, ‘It Matters Where You Make It,’ allows people, businesses and organizations to customize the brand to fit their needs. When you make a personal connection with the brand, it feels more authentic and shows the true Toledo brand.”

The University of Toledo has been active in the rebranding of the region as a hub for the new manufacturing economy with efforts focused on encouraging businesses to locate, stay or expand here, as well as attracting talented faculty and students to area colleges and universities and encouraging tourism.

“It is important to have a consistent, positive message about Toledo,” said Lawrence J. Burns, UT vice president for external affairs. “The brand of the city is an integral part of The University of Toledo’s brand, and this re-launched initiative will help us promote UT and our collaborations with great institutions throughout the region.”

Toledo Region encourages businesses, citizens and organizations to adopt the new slogan and logo in their marketing and communication pieces. A new hashtag, #ItMattersWhereYouMakeIt, has been developed for immediate social media use and will be collectively curated on the region’s website.

The launch of the updated logo and new brand identity was developed in collaboration with North Design, a local brand design firm best known for its work in helping cities and regions brand themselves for events such as Olympic games and sporting events. 

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