University invalidation process to be implemented for fall enrollment

April 25, 2012 | UToday
By Tobin J. Klinger

The University of Toledo is taking steps to ensure that students who have made appropriate provisions for payment of tuition and fees have improved access to classes they wish to take.

According to the Office of the Treasurer, the University is introducing an invalidation process through which students may be removed from all classes and housing they are registered for if they have an outstanding balance and have not made appropriate payment arrangements by Tuesday, Aug. 14. The payment due date for fall 2012 is Friday, Aug. 10. Invalidation also is scheduled to take place for fall 2012 registration Monday, June 18, for students who owe $500 or more for spring 2012 and prior terms.

“Students who are removed from classes and housing will not be able to re-register until all appropriate financial holds have been removed,” said Jeff Bowman, interim assistant treasurer. “Students who receive funding from an employer or organization should have all paperwork turned into the University in a timely fashion to receive credit for the funding prior to the invalidation date.”

All invalidations will be based on outstanding balances after financial aid and scholarships have been taken into account.

According to Bowman, this practice will enable the University to better keep costs down by reducing uncollectible debt and associated administrative costs. It also will be beneficial to the general student population by making more seats available to paying students and keeps them from having their credit ratings negatively impacted by lack of tuition and fee payments.

Various forms of communications will be distributed to those at risk for invalidation in June and mid-July as a reminder that lack of payment will mean removal from classes and housing. If students are removed, they will only be able to get back into their original classes or rooms if they are still available.

“We are calling on students to ‘just drop it,’” Bowman said. “Students need to remember that if they decide not to attend a class they are registered for, they must drop it before the class begins to avoid financial responsibility. Students that elect not to attend The University of Toledo and subsequently fail to drop or withdraw from all their courses by the established dates will be assessed a non-refundable administrative fee of $500 once their non-attendance has been verified and an administrative drop is processed.”

Faculty and staff can help minimize the impact of invalidations by:

• Submitting spring grades in a timely fashion for financial aid purposes;

• Making it clear to students this fall that if they are not on the class rosters they are not able to attend; and

• Turning in all dependent fee waivers for timely processing.

Communications will be distributed across campus through the end of the semester and through the summer in an effort to raise awareness among students about the importance of paying bills in a timely fashion, while alerting them to the invalidation dates. A strategy is being implemented to raise awareness of the June 18 and Aug. 14 invalidation dates.

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