UT and fraternity agree on steps to move forward and promote education

April 29, 2016 | UToday
By Staff

The University of Toledo and the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity have reached an agreement and are working together to resolve promptly and fairly the outcome relating to a Jan. 24 incident involving some fraternity members.

A procedural error during the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity’s Student Code of Conduct hearing led to a successful appeal and a ruling for a rehearing of the case. Rather than repeat the process, leaders for both UT and Pi Kappa Phi said they wanted to finalize this matter as the end of the semester nears and final exams begin next week.

Pi Kappa Phi Chief Executive Officer Mark E. Timmes stated, “As a values-based membership development organization, Pi Kappa Phi provides our students with the education, training and mature adult guidance to make good choices and to understand the consequences of their decisions.

“The events that occurred on Jan. 24 do not reflect Pi Kappa Phi’s values or the values of The University of Toledo. Consequently, the fraternity and the University have agreed on an action plan that will help not only create a leading chapter of Pi Kappa Phi on campus, but also help develop our students into more responsible global citizens.”

As a result, in lieu of a rehearing, Pi Kappa Phi and the University agreed that the fraternity would accept the following sanctions:

• The fraternity is on disciplinary probation until May 31, 2017;

• The fraternity is prohibited from hosting social events until May 31, 2017, with the exception that three events can be hosted in spring 2017 in accordance with the University’s social event policy in effect at that time;

• The fraternity can recruit in fall 2016, but new recruits may not be initiated or become active until Jan. 1, 2017;

• All fraternity members will participate in anti-bullying training and alcohol awareness training by Jan. 1, 2017; and

• The fraternity acknowledges that the conduct alleged is not representative of the University or Pi Kappa Phi values.

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