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All campuses to be tobacco-free by August

Following a push by Student Government this spring, UT is poised to eliminate tobacco from all of its campuses before fall semester.

tobacco posterAn implementation committee appointed by President Lloyd A. Jacobs is working to formalize tobacco-free policy and plan implementation throughout UT’s campuses after the Board of Trustees approved a resolution to ban tobacco on Main Campus. The action will align all campuses with Health Science Campus, which has been tobacco-free since 2006.

According to Dr. Tavis Glassman, associate professor of rehabilitation services and committee co-chair, the policy is expected to be in place by Aug. 15.

“We’ve been working toward a tobacco-free campus since 2008,” Glassman said. “In the fall of 2011, the University passed a policy restricting tobacco use to several designated areas, with the plan of ultimately implementing a tobacco-free campus. Consistent with the University’s mission of improving the human condition, all campuses will finally be 100 percent tobacco-free before fall semester begins.”

He said the purposes of banning tobacco are threefold: preventing tobacco use, promoting cessation, and preventing exposure to harmful secondhand smoke.

Designated huts scattered throughout Main and satellite campuses where smoking has been permitted will be removed by mid-August.

Glassman added that the committee anticipates some difficulty for those who use tobacco products and is facilitating cessation and support programs. To get started, those interested in cessation can receive information at and 1.800.QUIT.NOW, the Ohio Tobacco Quit Line.

“As a campus devoted to the health of those with whom we interact, it is our responsibility to take a leadership role in the community and advocate a tobacco-free environment,” said Vicki Riddick, committee co-chair and director of service excellence/senior wellness officer, University Medical Center Administration. “Study after study has shown that if you stop smoking today, you will be rewarded with quality years at the end of your life. It will also add years to the lives of those who inhale secondhand smoke.”

The implementation committee members are Glassman; Jeff Newton, co-chair and public safety officer/chief of police, UT Police Department; Riddick; Doug Collins, director, grounds and off-site facilities, Facilities and Construction; Marcus Dawson, associate director, Residence Life; Dr. Stan Edwards, director, Counseling Center; Kim Goodin, information writer, University Marketing; Dr. Tom Gutteridge, senior vice provost and dean of academic administration/interim dean, College of Social Justice and Human Service; Valerie Householder, pharmacist, Main Campus Pharmacy; Clay Notestine, president, Student Government; Will Pecsok, associate director, Counseling Center; Jocelyn Szymanski, wellness coordinator, Community Wellness and Health Programs; Dr. Amy Thompson, professor, Rehabilitation Services; and Alex Wrege, assistant director, American Language Institute.

One response to “All campuses to be tobacco-free by August”

  1. Caleb Jackson says:

    Really the administration cares about the students health?! Then why do they serve Unhealthy food. Heart attacks and other cholesterol related deaths are happen more frequent then the deaths that are induced by smoking and its repercussions. So then why does UT have a fried chicken place, or a restaurant that serves greasy burgers, or a cafe that food that would make a obese man weep with joy. Maybe the real reason behind creating a “smoke-free” campus is because of the color green. Green as in money, the money that is generated by the so called “restaurant”, or the money that UT gets from the state, to help “transform” into a smoke free campus. And instead of taking that money and lowering the tuition or increasing safety on campus, they utilize that money by putting more trees near the library and lining there already bulged pockets.

    IF you want to talk about the health of the students, why not talk about how many students are dependent on Adderals and other pharmaceuticals. The students on campus have become chemically dependent on these legal drugs. The workload that each student endures, with the addition of taking these pills, adds to the increase of stress that everyone has to endure. Which in turn turns some kids to suicide, but oh! the faculty cares about the health and safety of the students. Also how about the fact that the only way that some students actually made friends was through these “dangerous” butt hutts. How about that there is no real social way to meet people, if someone does not live in the dorms, belong to any club of fraternity.

    And finally, I thought that the majority of the students on campus were adults. When did it become ok to dictate how people live there lives. Maybe next the campus institute uniforms and force the students to pay it themselves. This is a time when students form habits and figure out how they live there lives, so shouldn’t said students actually figure it out themselves, instead of being told what to do, just like a toddler in kindergarten.