UTMC’s Hyperbaric Chamber Helps Treat Slow-to-Heal Wounds

June 22, 2021 | UToday, UTMC
By Tyrel Linkhorn

In the fifth episode of Prescribed Listening, Scott Bein, program director of hyperbaric medicine at The University of Toledo Medical Center, explains how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used to effectively treat wounds that are slow to heal on their own.

Breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber allows a patient’s blood to deliver much higher concentrations of oxygen throughout the body, promoting tissue regrowth and fighting bacteria. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is frequently used for patients who have diabetic ulcers, radiation tissue damage or bone infections.

UTMC is the only hospital in northwest Ohio with a multiplace hyperbaric chamber, which allows patients to be monitored by healthcare professionals who are physically in the chamber with them during treatment.
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