Associate professor to receive international award for invasive species research

June 28, 2012 | Research, UToday
By Paul Webb

A University of Toledo faculty member is being recognized for his extensive research into the spread of invasive species.


Dr. Jonathan Bossenbroek, associate professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences, co-authored a paper, “Stepping Stones for Biological Invasion: A Bioeconomic Model of Transferable Risk,” that recently was recognized by the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economics as the best paper published in the journal Environmental and Resource Economics for 2011.

“This paper is an interdisciplinary paper that looks at the economics of the spread of zebra mussels from recreational boaters. It takes a look at how different policies for controlling the mussels would have an economic impact,” Bossenbroek said. “This paper is extremely exciting because it’s so hard to get interdisciplinary papers published.”

Bossenbroek and co-authors Dr. Travis Warziniack with the U.S. Forest Service, Dr. David Finnoff and Dr. Jason F. Shogren with the University of Wyoming, and Dr. David Lodge of the University of Notre Dame will be honored Saturday, June 30, at the 19th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists in Prague, Czech Republic.

“Dr. Bossenbroek’s high-quality research has averaged $350,000 a year as a principle investigator and a co-principle investigator on many grants. His papers are in top journals for his discipline and are well-cited,” said Dr. Timothy Fisher, professor and chair of the Department of Environmental Sciences. “He has developed a national and international reputation for outstanding work on the spread of invasive species. His work reflects very positively on UT and on our department.”

Bossenbroek also is well-known for his work with students of all levels in environmental sciences.

“He is able to fund their research activities, mentor them through modeling, help with work in the laboratory and in the field, take them to conferences, and see their results published,” Fisher said. “Dr. Bossenbroek is not only a great researcher, but a wonderful teacher as well.”

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