UTMC experts address health-care misconceptions through MedTV

June 30, 2009 | Features, UToday
By Emily Hickey

How well do you know the causes of ovarian cancer or vascular disease? Instead of spending hours on the computer searching for symptoms and prevention methods, view UT Medical Center’s newest resource, MedTV.

UTMC aims to improve public knowledge of health issues through MedTV— a monthly education program that showcases UT health professionals as they define certain health issues, risk factors and prevention recommendations.

Dr. Jodi Tinkel, UT associate professor of medicine, recently covered women and heart disease. “The leading cause of death in women is coronary artery disease, and this is a common misconception for women who often think that it’s breast cancer,” she said in the June program. Watch the full program to the right.

For the July program, Dr. Kelly Manahan, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology, will discuss ovarian cancer.

According to Esther Fabian, UT director of health-care marketing, the public will gain useful information on health issues and get to know UTMC health professionals as experts through MedTV.

Future episodes will cover pain management, hip conditions and more. Viewers will be notified through UTMC’s Twitter and Facebook pages when a new episode airs, and past episodes will be archived on the UTMC Web site and YouTube page.

In addition to the UTMC health professionals, Fabian would like to thank Jessica Gast in the Health-Care Marketing Office and Center for Creative Instruction staff members Chris Mercadante, Mike Procyk, Brock Clagg and Eric Eitniear for working on this production.

The episodes are available for viewing on the TV monitor system on all campuses and online at http://utmc.utoledo.edu.

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