Changes Announced for Mail, Shipping, Receiving Services; Surplus Property to Move

June 30, 2020 | UToday
By Staff

As faculty and staff return to work, there will be changes in how the supply chain services of mail, shipping and receiving are provided on campus.

Main Campus Mail Services and Shipping and Receiving have combined services, equipment and staff.

“We are moving from a delivery model to a pickup model and will be centrally located in the Thompson Student Union,” Jennifer Pastorek, senior director of supply chain, said. “A pickup window will be located in the space shared with Rocket Wireless.”

Receiving is moving Tuesday, June 30. The new pickup model will begin Wednesday, July 1.

While offices and departments will pick up their mail in Thompson Student Union Room 1560, purchases will be delivered directly by various carriers.

“Purchasing has held meetings with UPS and Federal Express and tasked them with doing what they do best — delivery of packages,” Pastorek said.

In order for this to work, Pastorek noted it will be important for staff placing orders via Pcard to use the specific street address of the building and not the generic Bancroft Street address. The specific street address of the building being delivered to will be provided on the purchase order to facilitate the direct delivery by the carrier.

“For larger freight shipments, we will have an alternate destination to accept deliveries on Main Campus and will coordinate the final delivery to the end destination,” Pastorek said

Orders that show up to Receiving — typically due to the vendor not using the correct address — will be accepted, and the department or office notified for pickup.

“We also have met with Fisher Scientific as they are a large provider of supplies for the research labs,” Pastorek said. “Chemicals that UPS and Fed Ex cannot transport will be delivered by Fisher to Receiving and then taken by the supply chain team to their final destination.”

Health Science Campus Mail Services and Shipping and Receiving will continue current operations.

“We will be looking to move to a similar pickup model on Health Science Campus as we progress through the upcoming fiscal year and will communicate changes ahead of time,” Pastorek said.

“We realize this is a change in services for Main Campus community members,” she said. “Many other institutions around the state and throughout the United States have already moved to a similar model. We look to follow best practices, and these changes fall in line with the University’s goal of being more efficient as we face financial challenges ahead.”

Starting Monday, July 6, purchase orders should begin utilizing the specific street address, building, floor and room number for the new delivery model.

“I do expect there will be an adjustment time as both our campus buyers and our suppliers get acclimated to this change,” Pastorek said. “Any issues or concerns can be addressed to me at or 419.383.6893.”

In addition, Surplus Property will move from its Westwood Avenue location to the Plant Operations Building on Main Campus and remain closed until the start of the school year. Guidelines for future intake of items will be announced when Surplus Property reopens next month.

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