Compliance Training Courses Required for All Employees

July 8, 2019 | UToday
By Christine Wasserman

All faculty, staff and student employees must complete annual compliance training, which helps the University advance its ongoing commitment to provide a supportive and inclusive workplace for everyone.

All 2019 courses assigned to you are now available online, including:

• Tools for an Ethical Workplace; and

• Bridges: Building a Supportive Community (Title IX).

Additionally, Health Science Campus employees and all Main Campus employees who work in clinical areas also must complete:

• HIPAA Update; and

• Any additional courses that may be assigned to meet Joint Commission and other regulatory requirements.

“Completing this course work helps the University remain compliant, plus provides our faculty and staff useful reminders to help us ensure a safe work environment,” said David Cutri, executive director and chief compliance officer.

To access your course work, log in to myUT. In the Employee (or Affiliate) tab, any course assigned to you is under the Training and Career Development section. Be sure to read the instructions before starting.

You will receive email reminders before completion deadlines; you also may use the link in these emails to access your courses.

Twelve-month faculty and staff should complete their courses by Saturday, Aug. 31. Nine-month and part-time employees should complete course work by Thursday, Oct. 31.

Each course takes approximately one hour to complete. When you complete each one, a record automatically is made, so you do not need to send Human Resources certificates as proof of completion.

If you have any questions or need help accessing your courses, contact Cutri at or 419.530.8718, or Elliott Nickeson at or 419.530.3026.

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