Auxiliary Services working on difficulties caused by new card-reader server

July 13, 2010 | UToday
By Josh Martin

Auxiliary Services recently switched servers for the Main Campus card-reader access system, a move that has led to some building entry issues.

Some students, faculty, staff and administrators possess Rocket cards that no longer grant access to locked buildings.

In some cases, the problem can be solved when the cardholder contacts the Rocket ID Center at 419.530.5842. The cardholder will need to supply identifying University information and indicate to which building(s) she or he needs admission. Access then can be granted electronically to the cardholder immediately.

In other cases where the card is two to three years old or older, the new system does not recognize it and the card will need to be replaced. To do so, the cardholder will need to go to Rocket Hall Room 1917 and have a new Rocket card made.

The transition from a Unix to a Windows server happened for a number of reasons, according to Joy Gramling, director of auxiliary services. Among them is increased security, as the new server doesn’t use Social Security numbers in an effort to reduce chances of sensitive data theft. Additionally, the Unix system was no longer supported technologically.

The server transfer started in late May and has proceeded on a building-to-building, door-to-door basis. Gramling said the University personnel who are switching the doors over to the new server have just a few doors left to do.

Any questions about the transition can be directed to Gramling and Auxiliary Services at 419.530. 8709.

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