24-hour food market to open July 18 on Health Science Campus

July 18, 2016 | UTMC
By Julia Marquette

As The University of Toledo Medical Center continues its efforts to increase both student and staff satisfaction, a new initiative will provide fresh food options 24/7 on Health Science Campus.

Named The Market, this new 24-hour food service will be accessible to staff, students and volunteers, who can swipe their UT ID cards to gain entry.

The Market will feature fresh food prepared daily by J. Cyrus Inc., UTMC’s vending supplier, with an emphasis on whole foods instead of processed foods. The menu items will include whole fruit, fruit cups, vegetables, sandwiches, salads and Mediterranean dishes.

“Having 24-hour access to The Market is most valuable for the third-shift staff, who work during the hours of 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.,” said Mario Toussaint, senior director of operations for dining, retail and clinical nutrition. “They will benefit most because there will now be a variety of fresh food offered during their shift. For example, one can purchase a fresh salad versus a bag of chips or a bag of candy.”

Toussaint said he expects The Market to get a lot of traffic, especially during third shift. The primary goals of The Market are to provide healthier food selections during hours when the Four Seasons Bistro is closed and to encourage proper nutrition among staff and students, according to Toussaint.

The Market, located next to the Four Seasons Bistro, will open Monday, July 18. Customers can use their credit card to make purchases, and they will be able to use Rocket dollars at the end of August.

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