Price change for reserved spots first step in move to demand-based parking system

July 20, 2016 | UToday
By Staff

Parking Services is developing a new parking system to be implemented for 2017-18 that will give employees and students options for different levels of permits to park on campus.

The first step in moving to the new demand-based model from the current zone-based parking system will begin this fall with parking spaces marked with a license plate number. The cost of an annual permit for those parking spaces assigned to a specific license plate will increase to $300 for those who currently qualify.

parking imageThe University is working with SP+, a national parking consultant firm, to move to a demand-based model beginning in fall 2017.

“Instead of setting fixed parking fees determined by a student or employee classification, demand-based parking provides the customer more choices in parking and assesses the value of parking according to demand with prime campus locations requiring a premium parking permit,” said Sherri Kaspar, public safety support services manager. “Demand-based parking can effectively redistribute parking around campus, which will help reduce the frustration of searching for a spot while providing our students and employees the best fit for their needs.”

The Office of Public Safety will continue to meet with constituent groups and provide updates throughout the year on the move to a demand-based parking system.

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