UToledo Benefits and Wellness Promotes Employee Program for Mental Health Assistance

July 20, 2020 | UToday
By Staff

As the world and UToledo community have been adapting to significant changes in the past few months, mental health and self-care have become even more important to address.

Eligible employees are encouraged to take advantage of the IMPACT Solutions Employee Assistance Program. IMPACT Solutions offers confidential support for you and your household members, dependents living away from home, and parents and parents-in-law.

“Now more than ever it is crucial to take care of your mental health and provide support to those closest to you,” said Vicki Riddick, senior wellness officer. “These times may be physically and mentally challenging; we want to ensure that UToledo employees are aware of all the resources that IMPACT has to offer.”

IMPACT Solutions offers confidential support, including phone and face-to-face counseling, as well as text using chatbot TESS.

TESS is a free mental health chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to deliver on-demand and quality emotional support to boost mental health and resilience based on the emotions expressed via text. Similar to an automated self-help book, Tess simulates how a human would behave as a conversational partner and works to understand your needs by asking follow-up questions.

Although Tess is not meant to replace conventional mental health counseling, it delivers mental health support to those who otherwise might not reach out for help.

To learn more about Tess and other resources available through IMPACT Solutions, visit the IMPACT Solutions website and enter UT for the username.

Many more details about your UToledo benefits and wellness programs are available at the Healthy U and Benefits websites.

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