New parking system launches for fall semester, registration begins Aug. 5

July 24, 2017 | UToday
By Staff

As announced early this year, a new parking system is being implemented for fall semester, and faculty, staff and students should plan to register beginning Saturday, Aug. 5.

“In response to input from nearly 5,000 students, faculty and staff who completed a parking survey last December, several changes have been made to help reduce on-campus congestion and move UT toward a more equitable pricing system,” said Bonnie Murphy, associate vice president for auxiliaries.

Parking permit rates for 2017-18 will be as follows:

• “A” permits (faculty and staff), $150 annually;

• “U” permits (faculty and staff), union-negotiated rates;

• “E/G” permits (executives and physicians), $225 annually;

• “E-reserved” permits (executives), $400 annually;

• Student permits, $125 per semester; and

• Freshman residential (Scott Park Lot 21), $100 per semester.

Faculty and staff represented by collective bargaining agreements may choose to upgrade to an “A” permit or maintain their current union-negotiated permit price by using the following lots:

• Main Campus — Lots 18, 25 and 28;

• Health Science Campus — Lots 44B, 44E and 46; and

• Scott Park Campus – Lot 22.

Another change is that faculty and staff may choose to purchase their permits pre-taxed through payroll deduction, reducing the net amount paid. For example, payroll deduction for the general “A” permit at $150 will be $5.77 over 26 paychecks; however, with pre-tax payroll deduction, that amount would be less based on each person’s tax bracket. Payroll deduction will begin with Friday, Sept. 1, paychecks for permits purchased before Thursday, Aug. 24. Payroll deduction for permits purchased on or after Aug. 24 will be spread among the remaining number of paychecks.

Note: Payroll deduction for nine- and 12-month faculty will be consistent with benefit deductions as prescribed in their contract, as will employees with collective bargaining agreements who elect to obtain an “A” permit.

In addition to the change in parking permit rates, which freezes student fees as UT moves toward a more equitable parking system, also new for the 2017-18 academic year is that all drivers will be required to print a permit confirmation — available when they register online — and display it on their vehicle’s dashboard whenever they are parked on UT property. “This is useful as a secondary means of identifying that vehicles are parked in appropriate lots,” Murphy said.

Another change is that registered parkers will no longer need to obtain a second permit. Parkers will register one time and may store multiple vehicles in their profile, making it easy to switch between one vehicle and any other that they own. Registrants may park only one vehicle from the profile list on a given day.

“Throughout this summer we’ve worked to redesign our webpages to streamline the process and ensure our site is mobile-responsive for smart phones and other digital devises,” said Sherri Kaspar, manager for public safety services. “When you register, you will see that our permit registration webpages look different, and so you’ll be prompted to follow a different registration process than in the past.”

In response to user suggestions, the new online parking system webpages have been improved, including:

• A mobile-friendly design to ensure drivers have a smooth interface between the webpages and their phone and other mobile devices.

• With only a few clicks, drivers now can easily update their vehicle, buy a permit, pay a ticket, and manage any appeals.

• Commuters who drive more than one vehicle to campus will be able to add as many vehicles as they would like to their online profile and then quickly switch among them.

Finally, a new UT parking app that may be downloaded to mobile devices will be available in the future; additional information will be forthcoming.

To register for parking, log in to the myUT portal or visit beginning Aug. 5 and follow the prompts. If needed, step-by-step instructions also will be available on the webpage on that date.

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