UT initiative brings student feedback to life

September 5, 2014 | UToday, Student Affairs
By Samantha Watson

If you’ve been in The University of Toledo’s Student Union lately, you may have noticed a few changes.

These changes are part of an initiative by the Division of Student Affairs called “You Spoke, We Listened.” The initiative, led by Dr. Kaye Patten Wallace, senior vice president for student affairs, focuses on creating a more student-centered atmosphere by taking action on student feedback.

Print“When students constantly tell you the same thing over and over again, I believe we have an obligation as an institution to act,” Patten Wallace said.

One thing students often mentioned was dining on campus; they thought there weren’t many options when it came to both food and meal plans. Patten Wallace and her team addressed this by taking a look at Health Science Campus, which had just improved its food service by bringing in some new staff.

One person in particular, Mario Toussaint, was at the head of Health Science Campus’ success in customer satisfaction. Toussaint now is in charge of food services on both campuses, and Patten Wallace believes he will greatly improve the student dining experience.

Another issue students often brought up was the lack of a place for commuters, though UT is a largely commuter school. Now, after some renovations, part of the Student Union offers a lounge for commuter students, furnished with plenty of outlets, seating, tables, and a microwave and fridge.

Over winter break this year, UT plans on replacing carpeting and machines in the Student Recreation Center.

Future plans could include improved lounges in each of the residence halls with new furniture and entertainment.

“We’re improving the student experience, but also trying to get the word out that when students talk, we listen to their voice. It’s important to us,” Patten Wallace said.

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