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September 6, 2018 | UToday
By Staff

Now that the new academic year has commenced, students, faculty and staff are reminded that they may ride TARTA vehicles, on and off campus, by simply showing their Rocket ID card.

Campus route maps for the Blue loop, Gold loop, Scott Park, Route 3 and Route 28 are located at

To conveniently locate TARTA vehicles when you need a ride, download the free PassioGo! app on your smart phone; the app tracks both on- and off-campus routes in real time. The app may be located at, or downloaded via GooglePlay or the Apple app store.

On Main Campus, the Blue loop travels clockwise, and the Gold loop travels counterclockwise. The Scott Park bus travels back and forth between the UT Transportation Center and Scott Park Campus; Route 3 travels to Franklin Park Mall, the Flats and Health Science Campus; and Route 28 travels to the Toledo Museum of Art and downtown.

On campus, riders can board and get off the Gold and Blue loop at any bus stop, as well as at approved stop signs along the route.

The Scott Park route will pick up and drop off passengers at the Transportation Center and Scott Park Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, the Scott Park route will service Thompson Student Union, the Transportation Center, Palmer Hall, the Flats and Scott Park. The Sunday evening shuttle will service Thompson Student Union, the Transportation Center and Scott Park.

Be sure to review the UT-TARTA Codes of Conduct — see below.

For a complete schedule of buses and more information, visit or call 419.243.RIDE (7433).

UT-TARTA Passenger Code of Conduct

Students are reminded that they must abide by all applicable laws while riding a TARTA vehicle on or off campus.

Conduct sanctions may be imposed based on a passenger’s behavior. Non-academic student misconduct is outlined in UT Policy #3364-30-04, the Student Code of Conduct.

Passengers may be denied service if they are in violation of the TARTA Code of Conduct and are warned twice by the coach operator to refrain from an inappropriate behavior. If the passenger continues the behavior, he or she will be asked to depart the bus at the next available bus stop.

Being banned from service occurs when a passenger has multiple violations of the TARTA Code of Conduct or jeopardizes the safety of the coach operator or any of the passengers. A banning most often is administered after there is a confirmed threat or assault of an operator or passenger. The determination of banning and the length of the ban comes from the TARTA office. The passenger is afforded the right to appeal through a formal request.

TARTA prohibits the following behavior:

• Illegal or unlawful possession of firearms and/or any other weapons, explosives or flammable substances.

• An action that creates a nuisance for the driver or others; engaging in fighting or threatening harm to persons or property; or violent, turbulent, unsafe or criminal action in or around TARTA buses or bus stops.

• Yelling, screaming, singing, playing musical instruments, or use of any other sound amplification devices (without headsets), including cell phone ringtones.

• Smoking, eating, drinking (except for an unopened container or a container with a lockable lid), roller skating, skateboarding or bicycling.

• Being accompanied by an animal, insect or reptile, except for a service animal.

• Engaging in profanity, bullying or harassment, sexual/racial slurs or gestures, threatening or offensive language, and public displays of affection.

• Occupying elderly/disabled seating, or ignoring the request of any TARTA employee.

• Interfering, in any manner, with the safe operation or movement of any TARTA vehicle.

• Being a hindrance to or preventing the movement of persons on any TARTA vehicle or any TARTA property, causing interference with the rights of others.

• Solicitating, panhandling, begging or loitering.

• Engaging in or publicly displaying offensive or pornographic materials or media.

• Possessing alcohol or illegal drugs on/in a TARTA vehicle or station, except for lawfully possessed and unopened alcoholic beverages.

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