Printing Equipment Deployment, Training Resources Posted

September 11, 2020 | UToday
By Staff

Information Technology is assisting ComDoc, a division of Xerox, to replace UToledo’s aging fleet of printers, fax machines and copiers on our campuses.

In 2019, the University partnered with ComDoc to assess the University’s printing needs and equipment. Numerous universities have taken advantage of ComDoc’s statewide contract with Ohio’s public institutions and are achieving significant savings and improved service.

“For several months throughout last year, IT helped ComDoc to complete an assessment to identify the locations, print volumes and other details about our equipment,” said Bill McCreary, vice president and chief information and technology officer. “ComDoc then created redesigns for the University, which were reviewed by our leaders in December.”

“Based on those recommendations, there will be fewer copiers and fax machines to achieve cost savings, yet the new equipment will provide features to better meet user needs,” said Dom D’Emilio, senior director for network services and tech support. “You’ll now be able to print no matter where you are on UToledo campuses, and ComDoc’s new equipment won’t require as much costly maintenance as our old equipment currently does.”

With the new ComDoc print services, a “Follow Me Printing” feature option has been implemented that allows a user to print their documents as they normally would, and have the jobs released at any ComDoc printer with their Rocket ID card or by entering their UToledo credentials at the printer.  The feature can help ensure confidential documents with sensitive information are not unnecessarily being exposed to others and provides greater convenience for employees who work outside of their department.

To keep you updated on this project and ComDoc’s equipment deployment, IT has posted frequently asked questions, as well as a deployment timeline, training videos and help documents on its website

“Given the large scope of this project, deployment dates are tentative and may slightly alter,” D’Emilio said. “Ongoing updates will be made to the posted schedule as needed to ensure everyone is kept up to date on the implementation timeline.”

IT will notify leaders in advance to confirm when ComDoc will be working in each UToledo area in order to provide adequate notification so printing needs may be planned accordingly, D’Emilio added.

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