UT open during holidays, but will revisit furlough program

October 7, 2009 | UToday, zBudget-related
By Matt Lockwood

Plans to close the University and require employees to take a furlough day or two between Christmas and New Year’s Day were deferred by President Lloyd Jacobs last month after student enrollment gains surpassed expectations.

UT will remain open over the holidays; however, as the state’s budget problems continue to be uncertain, Jacobs has asked a cost-savings committee to reconvene to renew planning for furloughs, possibly during spring break.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the state was counting on $850 million from adding video slot machines at horse-racing tracks to fund primary, secondary and higher education, but the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the plan must be voted on in November 2010. Further complicating the problem is that Ohio also is at-risk of losing $618 million in federal stimulus money for higher education because to get the money, schools are required to maintain spending levels from past years.

“We are facing unprecedented financial challenges in the state of Ohio,” Jacobs said. “To ensure that The University of Toledo continues on its upward trajectory and avoids the more severe plight of many institutions around the country, we must be strategic and explore our options. This will probably include a furlough program after the new year.”

The cost-savings committee chaired by Bill Logie, vice president for human resources and campus safety, will meet at least every other week until the budget issue is resolved.

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