UT Police patrolling in two new vehicles

October 11, 2012 | UToday
By Casey Cheap

The University of Toledo Police Department is sporting two new vehicles this school year, shifting gears from Chrysler products to Ford.

UT has a new Taurus-based Ford Police Interceptor.

The department decided to purchase two Ford Police Interceptors — one Taurus-based and one Explorer-based — for the UT Police fleet.

According to Rodney Theis, deputy chief for UT Police, the department decided to purchase the Ford vehicles based on reviews from campus police officers and other units.

“We chose to go with the Ford Interceptor based off of some other police departments’ feedback, vendor feedback, and track performance tests conducted by the Michigan State Police,” Theis said.

The Michigan State Police conducts a rigorous performance test of police vehicles in conjunction with the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center every year. Police departments all over the country look to this particular test session when choosing the right types of police vehicles for their areas.

Theis said that the UT Police Department also is mindful of not just performance but maintenance costs when it comes to purchasing vehicles for campus.

The new vehicles join a UT Police fleet that includes Dodge Chargers and the Ford Crown Victoria models, which have been discontinued.

“We chose the Fords this time, but as data and additional information presents itself, we are always open-minded in the decisions we make,” Theis said. “If the Fords prove reliable, we will stick with them; if not, we may choose to go a different route next time.”

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