Zombies set to invade campus during weeklong game

October 13, 2016 | Events, UToday
By Carly Wiegand

UT students will band together to survive against the horde of undead during Humans vs. Zombies, which will take place from Monday, Oct. 17, through Sunday, Oct. 23, on Main Campus.

This is live-action game is predominantly played at U.S. college campuses, according to UT student and event organizer Jason Kahn, who added the infestation started at UT in 2008.

zombie“I am bringing Zombies vs. Humans back to campus this year after a one-year hiatus,” Kahn said. “I hope that students are able to make new, lasting friends and just have a great time.”

The storyline of the game dictates that players begin as humans and try to survive a zombie Invasion. Human players are equipped with Nerf blasters to fend off those who have turned or are part of the zombie team. Zombies are unarmed and must tag humans to claim victims.

The zombies win when all human players have been tagged; the humans win by surviving long enough for the zombies to starve.

Those who wish to play must attend an informational safety meeting or sign a waiver in Student Union Room 1503.

For more information and to register, click here or go to UT-bash.com, or contact Kahn at jason.kahn@rockets.utoledo.edu.

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