Tackling Challenges: Interim President Gregory Postel Announces 2020-22 Key Initiatives

October 23, 2020 | News, UToday
By Dr. Adrienne King

Interim President Gregory Postel has identified several key initiatives focusing on increasing efficiencies, addressing operational challenges and embracing innovative ideas to prepare UToledo for a successful future. With the goal of creating a solid foundation upon which to build future growth, each initiative is being co-led by members of the UToledo campus community.

“In my first several months at UToledo, I have had the opportunity to hear from many students, faculty and staff, and to talk extensively with our Board of Trustees about the current state of the University. As a result of these conversations, the Board and I have identified several key initiatives that I will be working on during the next two years, together with the campus community,” said Postel. “This does not mean that these initiatives are the only areas that we will be working on or the only areas that we need to focus on and improve, but it is a proactive place to start.”

These key initiatives include:

• Develop and implement a systemic approach to the elimination of racism on our campuses;

• Develop a department and plan for enterprise risk management;

• Develop and implement a strategic enrollment management plan;

• Enhance educational opportunities and partnerships through Academic Affiliation Agreement with ProMedica;

• Enhance, stabilize and sustain UTMC;

• Develop and implement reinvestment strategy;

• Develop and implement budget modernization; and

• Modernize human resources.

The working teams will focus on the essential operations and assess current obstacles within their initiative. Each team’s charge includes brainstorming possible resolutions and preparing action plans to address fundamental operational challenges. Each team’s plan is expected to be implemented within the next 12-18 months, in advance of a national search for The University of Toledo’s next permanent president.

Recognizing that some of these challenges will require one-time investment funding, the team focusing on a reinvestment strategy will play a critical supporting role in the work of all of the 2020-22 Key Initiatives.

For those interested in supporting one or more of the working teams, or sharing ideas for improvement and innovation, please fill out the online recommendation form.

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