Tackling Challenges: 2020-22 Key Initiatives Update From Strategic Enrollment Team

November 12, 2020 | UToday
By Staff

The working teams focused on the 2020-22 Key Initiatives identified by Interim President Gregory Postel are developing their plans to tackle current obstacles and explore innovative ideas to prepare UToledo for the future.

The teams will be providing preliminary updates of their planning process over the next several weeks. The campus community is invited to follow along with each team’s progress and offer ideas for improvement and innovation using the online recommendation form.

The Strategic Enrollment Management team is led by Jim Anderson, vice president for enrollment management, and Ben Barros, dean of the College of Law.

What are the key goals the team hopes to accomplish?
Our goal is to place our University on an immediate pathway of enrollment health and fiscal sustainability. To do so, our team is looking at all facets of enrollment across all populations where growth is possible when combined with fiscal responsibility.

What processes/issues is the team discussing and reviewing?
We are reviewing all aspects of enrollment management, including our academic landscape and program offerings, promotion of our University, our value and price equation, how our physical and virtual place presents opportunity and the process of enrollment from recruitment, to student success, to advising and through to graduation.

How is the team planning to engage members of the campus community throughout their process?
Developing a strategic enrollment plan that ensures the health of the University will take the entire campus. Generating such wide participation will be the task of committee members supported through engagement from the campus community in town hall discussions, focus groups, information gathering and shared responsibility.

How does the team plan to measure success?
A successful strategic enrollment management plan will be measured by positive enrollment growth where opportunity is available, continued growth in student retention, continued progress toward graduation and improved fiscal health.

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