Tackling Challenges: 2020-22 Key Initiatives Update From Elimination of Racism Team

November 17, 2020 | UToday
By Staff

The working teams focused on the 2020-22 Key Initiatives identified by Interim President Gregory Postel are developing their plans to tackle current obstacles and explore innovative ideas to prepare UToledo for the future.

The teams will be providing preliminary updates of their planning process over the next several weeks. The campus community is invited to follow along with each team’s progress and offer ideas for improvement and innovation using the online recommendation form.

The Systemic Approach to the Elimination of Racism on our Campuses team is led by Dr. Willie McKether, vice president for diversity and inclusion and vice provost, and Dr. Cyndee Gruden, vice provost for academic administration and faculty affairs.

What are the key goals the team hopes to accomplish?
The goal of the team is to identify race-based discrimination across campuses, and then create projects and initiatives designed to eliminate whatever racism that was discovered.

What processes/issues is the team discussing and reviewing?
We have developed working groups focused on identifying race-based discrimination that affects UToledo students, faculty, staff and our international community. Each working group has been asked to develop not more than three initiatives to be considered for implementation. In addition, we intend to conduct a campus-wide policy review to ensure that our policies are free from racial bias.

How is the team planning to engage members of the campus community throughout their process?
The committee is composed of diverse members that represent various segments of the campus community. Working groups are interfacing with stakeholders and constituents throughout campus and the community to garner input.

How does the team plan to measure success?
The team will measure success by moving the needle on campus metrics related to faculty, student and staff success, and by changing the campus climate as determined through instruments developed to assess feelings of racism.

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