iCARE notes that stick

November 24, 2009 | UToday
By Staff

Every day people who work at The University of Toledo Medical Center go out of their way to make their hospital and clinics the safest places for patients and a pleasant place for their colleagues to work.

webutmc-icare-sticky-notesWhether it’s helping a visitor find her way, giving a medical student a hand, or triple-checking a medication to make sure it’s the correct dose, it’s all important, and all worthy of a thank-you.

“Tough times abound, there’s no question,” said Esther Fabian, UT director of health-care marketing. “Let’s be honest — it can be a challenge to rise above the woes of the economy and other stressors in our lives. Those who make the effort are worth recognizing.”

To that end, a new way to thank faculty and staff for their efforts has been developed.

iCARE “sticky notes” were distributed to members of UTMC’s Operations Leadership Team last week. Each page is easily filled in with the employee’s name and what he or she did that was worth recognizing.

“We wanted to make it easy to show appreciation,” Fabian explained. “And we didn’t want to impede on any future developments of more formal service recognition programs.”

Department managers can post their notes of recognition wherever is appropriate, whether it is in the break room, on a locker, at the nurses’ station or on a computer monitor.

“I think positive affirmation of recognizing people’s ideas, hard work, dedication and willingness to put self aside is the most worthy endeavor we could have,” said Hollis Hamilton, one of UTMC’s nursing directors.

iCARE is the UT Medical Center’s initiative designed to transform health care. It’s a commitment to view everything through the eyes of a patient and his or her family members and visitors, and use that perspective to provide distinctive and exemplary health care.

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