Management expert pens business survival guide

March 22, 2018 | News, Research, UToday, Alumni, Business and Innovation
By Bob Mackowiak

As director of the UT College of Business and Innovation’s Center for Leadership and Organizational Excellence and as a Distinguished University Professor, Dr. Clinton Longenecker consistently strives to encourage people to establish and achieve significant goals in their lives. He has bolstered these efforts to help people on campus and around the world by publishing his most recent book, “The Successful Career Survival Guide.”

“This book is all about helping people realize their full potential as a professional and as a person,” Longenecker said. “My goal is to provide the tools and resources to help people think bigger. This book is a collection of over 700 best practices, key research findings, leadership tools, power quotes, and game-changing career advice to inspire and dramatically improve your workplace performance and career trajectory.”

“I was inspired by H. Jackson Brown’s 1991 best-selling ‘Life’s Little Instruction Book,’ which was a collection of practical wisdom to help people live better lives, so I used the same format and approach in writing this book to help people improve their work lives and career trajectory.”

He explained the book discusses 12 career success and survival imperatives based on decades of research with high-performance professionals across key sectors of the world economy, including “the No. 1 factor for career success and survival in the 21st century: getting desired results for your enterprise. Readers will have the opportunity to explore how to take better control of their time resource, how to implement fundamental practices for improving their personal effectiveness, and specific practices for improving workplace productivity and effectiveness.”

Longenecker is an award-winning business educator, author, researcher, consultant and speaker. He has been the recipient of more than 50 outstanding teaching, service and research awards, as well as numerous industry awards, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Toastmasters International Leadership Award, and the Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service, in addition to numerous “best professor” recognitions. He also has been recently recognized by The Economist as one of the Top 15 Business Professors in the World.

“The Successful Career Survival Guide”:

• Explores the importance of creating focus and ongoing alignment with the constantly changing demands of your job.

• Discusses how to improve your working relationship with your boss.

• Provides specific practices to help you better understand the power associated with creating great workplace relationships, networks, and building and demonstrating great emotional intelligence.

• Explains the importance of ongoing learning and personal development and the necessity of ongoing problem solving, process improvement, and effective workplace change and improvement.

• Provides a treasure trove of ideas, concepts and key practices for developing your workplace professionalism and character.

“This book is designed to challenge your thinking about your approach to work and provide you with ideas and practices to help you improve both your career mindset and your workplace performance while having fun,” Longenecker said. “It also presents some important research findings on how to implement the key practices that will help you get better results for your employer and improve your long-term career trajectory.”

The guide has some big fans.

John Caponigro, CEO of Sports Management Network Inc., said, “‘The Successful Career Survival Guide’ is a wonderful collection of great business lessons and best practices for everyone who wants to advance their career and be the best person, professional and leader that they can be. Clint has had a career of transforming people’s lives, and this book provides real insight on his success.”

“Clint’s ‘Successful Career Survival Guide’ is a gift to every lifelong learner,” said Chuck Stocking, CEO of Principle Industries Inc. “Timeless truths deserve to be shared and can make a huge impact on receptive thinkers who care to be transformative.”

“Ultimately,” Longenecker explained, “the book provides people with an opportunity to learn how to best develop their talents, as well as how to develop a personal performance improvement plan using tried and true practices that translate into better performance. In the end, it is critically important to realize that each one of us must take control of the factors that impact our career and our lives and that we are all capable of doing great things.”

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