Outstanding staff members celebrated

May 7, 2015 | News, UToday
By Vicki L. Kroll

Five employees received the University’s 2015 Outstanding Staff Awards last week.

Some 30 nominees were honored at a ceremony in the Radisson Birch Room.

Taking home Outstanding Staff Awards last week were, from left, Elissa Falcone, Holly Helminski, Amanda Seabolt-Martin, Becky Roberts and Suzanne Martin.

Taking home Outstanding Staff Awards last week were, from left, Elissa Falcone, Holly Helminski, Amanda Seabolt-Martin, Becky Roberts and Suzanne Martin.

Winners this year were:

Elissa Falcone, graduation services specialist in the College of Graduate Studies. She has worked at the University for four years. She received a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master of business administration degree from UT.

“Ms. Falcone single-handedly facilitates the collection and processing of all necessary academic forms that enable a student to graduate. This is more than simply processing forms — she is responsible for educating faculty, staff and students on the processes necessary for a student to successfully graduate. She will come to classes and hold workshops to deliver this information. She speaks and meets with students personally to assist them with their varied questions,” one nominator wrote. “She goes above and beyond to ensure the student’s issue is resolved in a timely fashion and does this without sacrificing timeliness or professionalism. Her attention to detail is phenomenal, and her dedication to doing her job accurately is just one reason why she is so efficient and effective.”

Holly Helminski, administrative assistant in the Department of Pharmacology in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. She has worked at UT since 1996.

“Ms. Helminski is a highly motivated employee. She loves her work, and she works so hard that she efficiently accomplishes her assignments within probably half of the time that otherwise is needed to do so,” one nominator noted. “She is very professional in her interactions with faculty, students and co-workers. She treats everyone with respect. She always tries to find any opportunities to improve herself by learning new things that serve not only her, but also the department, especially various software and online programs necessary for performing her job. In addition to her primary appointment as administrative assistant of the department, she is also the assistant for the dean of graduate studies at our college. She enjoys working with the students to obtain their goals.”

Suzanne Martin, secretary in the Department of School of Psychology, Higher Education and Counselor Education. She began her career at the University in 1973.

“Sue is a committed UT employee who has worked hard for our department for more than 40 years. She always has an amazing attitude and welcomes you with a smile when entering the office,” one nominator wrote. “She has the sweetest disposition and the kindest heart. On days or evenings when doors needed opened, pencils needed borrowed, or a tissue was necessary, Sue has been there. From the taken-for-granted small things to the rushed emails to the College of Graduate Studies to ensure our financial aid concerns were addressed, she has been there without fail.” Another noted, “Sue maintains positive rapport for all students in the School Psychology Program and always has a kind word to say to anyone who enters the office.”

Becky Roberts, senior continuing medical education coordinator in the Center for Continuing Medical Education. She has worked at the center 12 years and at the University 25 years.

“Becky treats each person inside and outside the University with respect and dignity. She promotes honest communications, ethical behavior, and is accountable to the University.
Becky understands that her character on a daily basis is a direct reflection on The University of Toledo,” one nominator wrote. “Becky takes pride in her work and strives to improve her work performance every day. Her leadership skills are outstanding, and her technical work is exemplary.” Another noted, “This past year Becky was directly responsible for completing from concept to implementation four major conferences. The process of planning activities can be extremely stressful and demanding. She never sacrifices respect or cooperation as she leads the way through the complexity and deadlines for preparation and execution of all activities.”

Amanda Seabolt-Martin, assistant director for medical student advising services and programs on Health Science Campus. She has worked in this position since 2013 and at the University since 2010.

“I believe that she represents the highest standards for which a mentor should be judged: enthusiasm, accessibility and commitment to the student,” one nominator wrote. “She is a mentor that wins with us and loses with us, often taking our initiatives personally with all her ability. When I am around Amanda, I feel challenged to give my all, and I think that is exactly what our school wants to instill in students.” Another wrote, “Amanda provided myself and other classmates counsel and information during our match process. She stepped up to the plate whenever we needed advice/counsel/a sounding board for our own thoughts at the sacrifice of her own personal time. I cannot thank Amanda enough for the friend/adviser/confidant that she has been over the past four years.”

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