ParkUToledo Updates Permits for 2022-23

July 7, 2022 | News, UToday
By Staff

Parking permits for faculty and staff for the 2022-23 academic year go on sale Tuesday, July 19.

An “A” annual permit is $259 for the upcoming academic year and “A” semester permit is available for $86.

For those enrolled in payroll deduction for an annual permit, no action is needed to renew your permit for the upcoming year. For employees and affiliates who purchased an annual permit by credit card, the 2021-22 permits expire Aug. 5.

Permits for 2022-23 will be available for purchase in the ParkUToledo parking portal starting July 19 for first-time buyers and starting July 22 for employees and affiliates renewing an existing permit.

UToledo employees enrolled in payroll deduction for annual “A” permits, as well as those with “G” and “E” permit types, will see the increased prices reflected on their pay statements starting Aug. 12.

“As we close the gap between employees and students, parking at The University of Toledo remains comparable to institutions across Ohio and the Midwest,” said Sherri Kaspar, executive director of ParkUToledo. “With the updated pricing, employees purchasing an ‘A’ annual permit will still pay less than $10 per pay period.”

ParkUToledo also has updated pricing for short-term hourly, daily and monthly permits, event parking and citations effective Aug. 1.

A daily pass will be $5.45, the monthly rate is $54.50 and hourly permits using the ParkMobile app will be $1.10 per hour in regular areas and $2.20 per hour in premium areas. Department daily permits will be $5.45 and annual permits will be $310.65.

Citation costs also have been updated. Starting Aug. 1, a failure to register citations will be $58. All vehicles parked on campus must be registered with a permit purchased online in advance or by utilizing the ParkMobile App or a parking meter when visiting campus.

Additional information, including updated pricing for all permit types and citations for 2022-23, is available on the ParkUToledo website.

In addition to recognized holidays, ParkUToledo will not enforce parking permits during move in at the beginning of fall and spring semesters or move out and commencement at the end. Otherwise, parking is enforced Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

ParkUToledo has spent the summer months improving several parking areas in advance of the 2022-23 academic year.

“This summer we continued our upgrades to various parking areas on both the Main and Health Science campuses,” Kaspar said. “Since ParkUToledo took over management of the parking areas on campus last fall, our team is focused on getting ahead of possible maintenance issues and improving the lots to industry standards.”

ParkUToledo is completely renovating Area 1N near McMaster Hall on Main Campus to level, repave, restripe and remove the parking bollards. Area 26, next to the University Health Center, is also getting repaved and restriped and the storm water and drainage lines are being upgraded. In addition, Area 14, between Memorial Field House and MacKinnon Hall, was repaved and restriped.

On Health Science Campus, Area 42A, just off of Hospital Drive, will be rebuilt with a new, more efficient traffic pattern. Area 44, near the Collier Building, is currently under construction as the surface lot undergoes repairs and repaving.

This fall, Area 48, located next to the Ruppert Health Center on Health Science Campus, will be repaired, repaved and restriped. The UTMC visitor parking Area 40 will be resealed and restriped ahead of fall semester. Patient areas also will be updated with green lines to help differentiate patient parking from student, staff and affiliate parking on Health Science Campus.

Prior to the start of fall semester, Areas 5, 6S, 8, 9, 10, 10S, 11, 27B, 27C and 7S on Main Campus also will be resealed and restriped. Area 12 will be restriped.

“The goal is to get the majority of our major renovations completed before the start of the fall semester with the exception of Area 48,” Kaspar said. “Our various renovations and ongoing maintenance improve our parking areas to give all parties on campus a safe and efficient parking experience.”

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