Pharmacy graduate first to receive Fulbright Scholarship

August 5, 2011 | News, UToday
By Feliza Casano



A national Fulbright Scholarship will take recent University of Toledo graduate Steven Lombardo to the University of Sydney in Australia to continue studying neuroscience, a field he became interested at the UT College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Lombardo is the first student from the college to receive the award and was the valedictorian for the bachelor of science in pharmaceutical sciences program in May.

“It’s a very intense national competition,” Lombardo said. “I think it’s a great accomplishment for UT also, since it shows we can compete on that level.”

The Fulbright Scholarship is awarded to students planning to pursue an international study abroad program and was established in 1946 by Sen. J. William Fulbright. Lombardo joins more than 290,000 students who have received the award.

Lombardo, who plans to start the study abroad program in August, developed an interest in neuroscience while doing undergraduate research at UT.

“Undergraduate research was very important to my development as a young scientist,” he said. “It helped me start working in a lab quickly and networking with professors and other students.”

The research program at UT is where he first met Dr. Bryan Yamamoto, professor and chair of neurosciences on Health Science Campus. Lombardo said it was a great experience to develop his interest in neuroscience.

“I think he’s very well-suited because his interests mesh well with the interests of the scholarship,” Yamamoto said. “He’s a very deserving recipient.”

In addition to the research program, Lombardo was an honors student at UT and graduated from the Honors College in May.

“The Honors College really challenged me to excel as a student. It helped me branch out into opportunities I would not have pursued otherwise,” he said.

After completing his study abroad experience on the Fulbright Program, Lombardo will pursue a PhD in neuroscience at Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

“I think the scholarship will help him develop as a promising neurological scientist and a pharmacologist,” Yamamoto said.

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