Diversity Workshops Offered to Increase Understanding of Cross-Cultural Issues

January 21, 2022 | Diversity, News, UToday, Student Affairs
By Staff

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is holding a series of diversity workshops throughout spring semester for faculty and staff to increase self-awareness, unity and fellowship.

The three programs offered are one-hour sessions in which participants share in dialogue about cultures, cultural competence, diversity and inclusion. The trainings are:

•  Allyship — Examining Your Sphere of Influence: How to transcend the challenges of performative allyship by identifying individual barriers that hinder one’s ability to support marginalized populations.

•  Positionality — How Position and Power Impact Our Interactions: The effects of conscious and unconscious biases in the development of one’s privileged cultural identity. Offers an opportunity to understand how position and power impacts the ability to become a social change agent.

•  Belongingness — How to Build an Inclusive Campus Environment: The factors that contribute to one’s sense of belonging and the barriers that impede belongingness and the promotion of an authentic, inclusive campus environment.

You can register online for a workshop that meets your schedule. Each workshop is offered on multiple dates and times throughout the semester.

“My vision is to build a healthy community through dialogue and by practice, making sure that we’re actively listening to our constituents and being compassionate toward others that differ in their race, background and lived experiences,” said Angelica Johnson, interim program manager.

More information on diversity training opportunities is available at utoledo.edu/diversity/trainings.

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