Reminder of Temporary Parking Options on Campus

February 18, 2022 | News, UToday
By Staff

There are a number of options for visitors to The University of Toledo to park on campus.

Permits are required to park in every parking lot at The University of Toledo; however, there are a number of temporary options for individuals who are not students, faculty or staff with semester or annual parking permits.

The best places for temporary parking on campus are the metered parking spaces located in Area 11 east of Thompson Student Union, Area 13 north of Bowman Oddy and Wolfe Hall, Area 12 east of Law Center, Area 18 east of Student Recreation Center and Area 7N east of Parks Tower. The metered spots work well for visitors who need to park and leave their vehicles but only intend to stay on campus for a short time. The coin meters in Areas 7N and 18 start at 25 cents for 15 minutes. The cost for the multi-space meter in Areas 11, 12 and 13 start at 50 cents for 15 minutes and can be paid by credit card.

For visitors planning to stay on campus for a longer period of time, guest parking passes are available. A daily pass is $5 and allows the visitor to park in areas designated for C parking permits across campus. Daily passes can be purchased in advance.

Using the ParkMobile app, visitors also can choose to pay per hour to park on campus by entering the nearby zone number visible on the green ParkMobile signs. The cost is $1 or $2 per hour depending on the zone. If the visit takes longer than planned, parking time can be extended through the app.

Fees do apply when making purchases via credit card through any of the above options.

When visitors are stopping by campus to simply pick up a student or for another quick purpose for fewer than 15 minutes, there are several areas on campus where a vehicle can park temporarily. Those locations include:
• The pull off lane along West Rocket Drive by Honors Academic Village;
• Turnarounds on both ends of Residence Drive between Presidents Hall and Ottawa House East and West; and
• Turnaround near the entrance to Parks Tower next to the Glass Bowl.

The turnaround at Thompson Student Union near Memorial Field House also can be used to pick up or drop off, but drivers cannot park and leave their vehicles in that loop.

For more information on visitor parking options, visit ParkUToledo’s hourly parking website.

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